About The Eco Collective Market

We know how difficult it is to run a small business in a world dominated by just a handful of extremely wealthy companies. The Eco Collective market exists to help ethical independent traders, makers and artisans to showcase their goods without being overcharged on commissions for the privilege.

Our range of quality artisan foods and handmade items are produced by a carefully selected group of independent crafts persons and small business outlets from the UK. These vendors all have sustainability and fairly traded policies at the heart of their businesses.

Never forget to support independent businesses over supermarkets and other conglomerates because before you know it, they’ll be gone!


What Happened to All The Stuff?

A series of knockbacks meant that we could no longer dedicate ourselves to running the original co-op full time. We wanted to keep supporting the traders who had supported us so decided to keep the website going as a directory to showcase these ethical businesses and allow their products to still be sold through the platform.


Want To Join In?

We offer sale or return and dropshipping arrangements to our “Eco Traders”. If you are interested in having your products featured on The Eco Collective website, please email ecotraders@ecocollective.co.uk for more information.